Unique Floral Creations

Here you will find flowers in the spotlight–if you are searching for floral accompaniment and decorations for a wedding or an event or maybe you are looking for unique floral art or other work pieces for your home. Learn more about my services, the products I offer and my workshops.


Orders can be picked up or delivered to your door step in accordance with the current hygiene rules. Delivery via postal services is also an option. Just give your preference with your order.

Customer consultations depend on the recent incidence rates in Neu-Ulm. We will be sitting apart with some distance. As an alternative to face-to-face meetings, I can offer Video Calls (also a good option, when you have a long drive to me). I can share my computer screen, thus offering nearly the same experience than a personal meeting. 

The pandemic has affected the whole flower industry and delivery chains. It didn't change much about my daily work though. Only short-term orders without a heads-up of at least two days, I cannot accept right now.

Welcome to my English page!

I am an artist and floral designer based in South Germany, but due to my international marriage, I speak more English in a day than German. I know there are more of you international couples out there and I'll be happy to consult and help with wedding planning in English. This page is a compressed version. Some of the content like my rental catalogue and my blog "flower stories" is only available in German. I will still link to it and encourage the use of the auto-translate function of your browser. If you have questions or need help, let me know!

Place a Flower Order


Order fresh or dried flower bouquets about one to two weeks ahead. Since I don't have a classic brick and mortar and am very busy at times, I need a heads-up. When ordering tell me about the flowers, you want, colors, style, delivery or pick-up and budget and I'll get back to you!


The round shape with no beginning and end has fascinated humanity for a long time. Minimalistic floral hoops on metall rings or luscious door wreaths or as table decoration with a light, with fresh flowers on a natural woven wreath or a lasting version  - tell me what you have in mind and I'll be happy to realize them.

Sympathy Flowers

Life also makes us face not so happy occasions. Since a funeral is usually an unforeseen event that allows little time for planning, I offer a short-term consultation via phone or video call, so that the flowers can be ordered on time. I still take thorough time, because the flowers are supposed to reflect the life lived and give comfort to those left behind.

About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me. My name is Anastasia Nathalia Ross, I also go by the nickname "Asja". 

I am at the end of my twenties, married to a Scottish-American preacher, who supports me behind the scenes. He helps with wood working, carrying heavy stuff and often just keeps me sane amid my creative madness. Together we raise three wonderful, creative, and wild kids.

Anastasia Nathalia Ross Asja owner Anastasia Nathalia Eventstyling

Originally I studied business, but at heart always an artist, I followed my dream and what I also believe to be the calling on my life. To finance my studies, I had started working in a flower shop. And what can I say, flowers cast a spell on me and never let me go. In 2016, I took a bold step and started "Anastasia Nathalia Eventstyling".

Styling weddings kept me pretty busy, but I was looking into what to do during the off-season. I love upcycling projects and that led me to discover Yellowchair chalk paint. Since then, I have adapted it for many purposes, starting form furniture makeovers to murals, different personalized products, coloring my own dried flowers and of course art on canvas.

When the pandemic hit the event industry, it affected me as well. I made use of the time, honing my art skills and developing my own unique style incorporating dried flowers. In 2020, I started my own online shop on Etsy. I enjoy creating personalized products. I also put together diy sets with instructions, because I love being able to share my passion for being creative and working with my own hands.

I have been teaching on different subjects since 2018: kids workshops, flower crown courses for bridal showers and large events before Christmas. Currently I am learning to create more and more online teaching content. In 2021, I got accepted into the School of Floral Art in Weihenstephan. I am excited about this opportunity to work with others that share my love for flowers and design as well as a chance to experiment and challenge myself to get my skills to a new level.

Anastasia Nathalia Eventstyling Hochzeit Waldhochzeit Trauung Deko Blumen Floristik Hochzeitsfloristik natürlich


 Just like a hair and make-up stylist lets the bride shine from her most beautiful side, I set the atmosphere, trigger emotions and let an event shine with tasteful floral arrangements. If you book me, you get more than flowers and decorations, I accompany an event with florals from the concept and planning to carefree realization and delivery. Every concept is personalized to you and well thought out with love and an eye for the special details.

My Values

Sustainability has become an important part of my work. I prefer buying local flowers and wrapped in paper instead of plastic. My own packaging is recycled, compostable and free of plastic. That also means that I only use seasonal flowers. When I am consulting on a wedding, I will tell you what is available in that season and try to fulfil your wishes, but e. g. peonies in winter, I do not support. I cut out the use of floral foam as much as possible. I will be happy to give you tips and help find alternatives to make your event sustainable.

As a consequence I support DIY and upcycling and gladly help you a lending hand with tools and my know how if necessary. On the other hand, you can order everything finished from one source. I am flexible in how much of my services you want to book.

Flexibility is a basic requirement to successfully organizing large events. I assist you, where I can, to give you a carefree experience on your big day. There is something missing or you didn't order enough? I will do my best to solve even time-sensitive matters.

Another important aspect of my work are individual, unique creations. If you need different vases filled, I like to vary the contents of every single one. Also every bridal bouquet is  a one of a kind. I'm happy to use inspirational photos, but I don't just rebuild an example. Look through my portfolio and decide for yourselves, if my style matches, what you are looking for.

Anastasia Nathalia Eventstyling Hochzeit Alm Rustikal Drindl Blumenkranz Blumenhaarkranz Braut Hochzeitsfloristik

Eventstyling Portfolio

You want to see some of my work at real events? I put together a portfolio of my favorites. Since I collected a lot of pictures over the last years, I can only showcase a small percentage. 

If you are interested in mroe pictures at a specific location or of a special style, just write me a message and I'll find some more photos for you.

The Process for Wedding Flowers

1 Fill out an Inquiry

Fill out a non-binding inquiry about your wedding. I ask for some first infos and details. Not everything you put in there, must be final, it is more about judging, if I have the capacity and also so I can prepare for our first meeting.

2 We connect on Pinterest

This is an optional step, but has proven very useful. Since most brides are active on Pinterest anyhow, I like to conncet via a common board. This way I can see what you like, what your style is and get to know you better. Also I can add photos of the kinds of flowers in the concept and you don't have to know all the names of thr flowers listet in the offer. To conncet on Pinterest, follow my profile and I'll send you an invitation for a board.

3 Let's get to know each other

Let's find a tima and date, to get to know each other and see if we're a match. Appointments can also take place in the evenings or on the weekend. Bring your partner or best friend or mom and let's discuss the details like colors, flower species, table decorations. If you are happy with the consultation and we are compatible, you can commision the concept design and a personal offer.

4 Your personal Offer

For the draft of a personalized concept and the offer, I charge a protection fee of 50 €. This is because I put a lot of time, effort and love into every concept. Upon procurement I take this fee off the final bill.

5 Your big Day

If booked, I'll take care of delivery, set-up at the location and the last fine details, so you can fully focus on your day. I can take on additional organizational tasks. The set-up can happen the day ahead as well as long as the circumstances allow it (weather, location etc.).

6 Optional: Disassembly, Flower Donations, Conserving of the Bridal Bouquet

The following day, I can also take care of the disassembly. If you want to share your happy occasion, I'll be glad to rearrange the flowers from your wedding at no additional charge and donate them to institutions like hospitals, churches, senior residences.
You would like to keep your bridal bouquet? Ask me beforehand about the different options to conserve flowers and keep the memories alive. I will publish a blog post soon about this topic. It is important to start process of conserving when the flowers are still as fresh as possible.

Share Flowers, Save Resources

We are partners with Second flowers, a marketplace for secondhand flowers. You are interested in sharing your flowers after your event or using shared flowers from another wedding?

The thought of sustainability and saving costsDahinter steht der Gedanke der Nachhaltigkeit und ihr spart natürlich Kosten. Für mehr Informationen könnt ihr euch direkt an Alex wenden oder mich fragen.